Maine. Hard to believe we started walking 157 days ago. Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, we’ll complete our 2,000th mile. I’ll save the really sappy stuff for our final blog entry post-Katahdin, but we’re already feeling a mix of nostalgia, elation, weariness and appreciation as we scurry through our final two weeks here in the great North.

"The way life should be."

“The way life should be.”

We last wrote from Gorham, NH. Since that time we’ve traversed some of the most strenuous miles on the trail. On one particularly rough day we made it only 12.5 miles in nearly 11 hours of walking. Tomorrow we’ll cross over the Bigelow range, our last “big” mountains until the end of the trail. Doing our best to retain focus and good spirits in this last stretch, despite the first inklings of cold weather (flurries and ice this morning at 4,000 ft. before Stratton).

See you soon,

Zack (and Lara)