Almost there…

Hazy Maine.

Hazy Maine.

From Zack:

“Howdy,” from Monson, ME, the last trail town before the hundred-mile wilderness, Mt. Katahdin, and the end of our hike. We’ll be heading into the next section, one of the wildest and most remote on the trail, with nearly seven days worth of food. Hoping to find the proper balance between enjoying the last week of this journey and remaining disciplined enough to achieve our goal atop the big mountain.

From Lara:

We entered Maine over a week ago now, and we’re more than half-way done with the 281-mile state. We have had great weather over some gorgeous mountains (we’ve decided already that Maine is the “best” state on the trail), and some bad weather over some gorgeous mountains too (snow flurries – who needs ’em?). We’re about to embark on an all-you-can-eat breakfast in Monson, then organize our food supply (more than we’ve ever carried) and hopefully put in a few miles today; it is, after all, the only day in the next week without a chance of rain. But, we’ll handle it…as they’ve said from the start: “No rain, no pain, no Maine!”

Land o'lakes.

Land o’lakes.

Keep an eye out for an enormous and more informative post in the next two weeks, and as Zack says, “If you’ve got the time, please send us good vibes!”